"Discipleship" is the process of becoming more like Jesus.  It is an ongoing adventure of learning and growing, finding new ways to honor God with our lives, and letting Jesus be King.  A big part of that is studying the Bible on Sunday mornings, in groups, and individually.  It's all about becoming more like Jesus.   

We want to make sure you have access to solid discipleship on Sunday mornings, and beyond.  

Small Groups

Currently, we have 6 small groups who meet together for discipleship.  These groups are great places to meet other believers, learn something new, ask questions, and contribute to the conversation.  2 of our groups allow participation online, via Zoom.  


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Church History Lessons

This is a 7-part series of videos about the history of Christianity.  It covers events from 100-400 AD.  If there's enough interest in the series to continue, we will continue it.  Click below to be redirected to the videos on our YouTube channel.

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Online Resources

Access more than 25,000 videos ranging from Bible studies, to children's shows, to recorded Christian conferences for free!  Simply text "RightNow MONTEREYBC" to the number 49775 and sharpen your walk with Christ from home or on-the-go.