"Discipleship" is the process of becoming more like Jesus.  It includes learning more about Jesus, understanding the Bible better, and finding new ways to live like Jesus.  Some of it is academic and some of it is very practical, but COVID has forced us to rethink the ways we can disciple each other. 

We want to make sure you have access to solid discipleship beyond the Sunday morning sermons, so we are putting together some digital opportunities to help you grow in your faith and walk closer with Jesus.

Online Small Groups

Currently, we have two small groups that meet via Zoom, one for adults and one for youth.  We will add more groups as they begin meeting again.


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Church History Lessons

This is a 7-part series of videos about the history of Christianity.  It covers events from 100-400 AD.  If there's enough interest in the series to continue, we will continue it.  Click below to be redirected to the videos on our YouTube channel.

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