Welcome to Monterey!

The first thing you need to know is we love Jesus!  We believe everyone has done things that are wrong, but God has provided a way for us to be forgiven.  That's Jesus!  At Monterey, you'll hear about the forgiveness that is available to you through faith in Jesus every Sunday.  

You also need to know we believe the Bible is true.  We put a lot of care into getting the Bible right and correctly applying it to our lives today.  Our Sunday morning worship services are the best place to see/hear what that's like.

Monterey is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church where everyone is welcome.  We worship with songs from various generations, we embrace diversity, and we endeavor to show the love and hope of Jesus Christ to our whole community!

Our Worship Services

In response to the pandemic, we have two in-person worship services every Sunday morning at 9am and 10:30am, with chairs spread out, masks required, and social distancing encouraged.  For those services, we are following all the local regulations about public health, but we also stream the 10:30 service live onto our website so everyone can watch from home.

Our 9:00 service tends to be slightly more "traditional" in style, while our 10:30 service is just a little more contemporary.

If you attend a service in-person, you'll notice that our youth are in the main service with the adults, but our Children's Ministry will be up and running during the 10:30 service starting April 4, and our Student Ministry will be restarting a 9am Bible study on May 8. Even so, kids and youth are absolutely welcome in the main worship service!

Our Ministries

The process of reopening is gradual, but healthy.  Some of our ministries stopped having activities during the quarantine and have not yet resumed.  They are "hibernating."  Other ministries have an online presence.  And some of our ministries are up and running in-person. 


Worship services, food pantry, Children's Ministry (April 4) at 10:30, and Student Ministry (May 8).


Small Groups, Children's Ministry (Sunday afternoons), Student Ministry (Wednesday evenings), and Shine School Partnership.


Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, Senior Adults Ministry (Keenagers), and Transportation Ministry.

As we continue the process of reopening, we will open more and more of our ministries.  In the meantime, we have online resources available for you and you can always call the church office if you have questions or need to talk.