Our mission is to point people toward Jesus, but the pandemic has made that tricky.  We have been constantly asking questions like:

  • "How do we serve our community during quarantine?"
  • "How can we take care of each other?"
  • "How do we help one another follow Jesus better, right now?"

We're still figuring it out, but most of our ministries have moved online.  Right now, our Bible studies, Children's Ministry, Students Ministry, and leadership teams are functioning online.  Our church building is open for services on Sunday mornings at 9 and 10:30am.  We are following all the mandatory restrictions that are in place, but that hasn't stopped us from helping people find Jesus, and follow him better.

Below, you'll see a video of our reopening plan, and the only part that's changed is we are singing in our worship services.

January 2021 Update

Reopening Update, June 2020