OUR MISSION IS to reach, receive, and raise up every generation of our community for Jesus Christ.


We are investing time, energy, prayer, and resources toward each generation; from babies, to kids, to youth, to young adults, to parents, and grandparents, and even great grandparents!  Young people bring energy into the church.  Senior adults bring wisdom and stability.  Every generation matters, and we're committed to having an age-diverse congregation.  You can see that in our blended worship, our staff, and even in our announcements.

Relevant in our Community

We believe Jesus Christ placed our church building on the corner of Lomas and Loyola so that we would be a beacon of His love to the community around us.  Toward that purpose, we are building solid relationships with the schools in our area, starting with Chelwood Elementary.  We are hosting events for the community and making sure our neighbors know we care about them.  If Monterey Baptist Church were to suddenly disappear, we want to make sure the community around us would notice.


Spiritual growth starts by reaching people outside the church with the good news about Jesus Christ. When someone shows up on a Sunday, the next step is to receive them with the love of Christ.  We believe every person that walks through the door is a gift from the Lord.  Then, when someone is with us, we must give them ways to grow and become more like Christ.  So "reach, receive, and raise up," is really our commitment to growth... from unchurched, to churched, to Christlike and still growing.